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TEDx and Keynote speaker, Nistha Dube is ready to show her audience how to create space for their inner voice. 

Driven by a desire to empower others to recognize their potential, Nistha aims to deliver insight, knowledge, and inspiration to audiences across the globe. In creating interactive and thought-provoking experiences, she encourages her audience to take on new perspectives to identify their strengths and transform their passions into  purpose.
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Nistha speaks about the following topics:

 Reconnecting with one's innate strengths  to discover one's purpose or reason for being. Understanding that purpose comes from following our intuition and taking conscious steps in the present moment, rather than simply arriving at a destination.


Understanding the  Law of Attraction in relation to the subconscious mind, and utilizing it to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and blockages, in order to attract one's desired reality. 

Properly exploring and implementing mindfulness and  meditation practices to cultivate intention and presence, including guided group-meditations, affirmation practices, journaling prompts, and more. 

The realities of self-growth and what to expect when committing to one's journey inwards. Navigating societal and generational expectations, outgrowing friendships and relationships, and the discomfort that comes with each step of stepping into one's potential.

Nistha was invited to come speak at our company's mindfulness session. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to ensure the session was customized to fit our needs. Her ability to listen attentively and provide practical tips to overcome anxiety and self-limiting beliefs really resonated with our team.

Maria Poonawala, Founder and CEO at Connea

Nistha's Purpose and Strengths Finding Workshop was very informative and interactive. The thought and writing exercises really allowed me to reflect on my goals and values. Nistha gave tangible tips on how to discover and follow your passions. I look forward to using these strategies in my own personal and career development.

Emily Meeks, Program Manager at JCK Foundation 

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