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Ranked in the Top 30 Self Discovery Podcasts

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Sarah Potempa, Celebrity Hairstylist

Having worked with Obama, Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Kim Kardashian, Potempa tells us her journey of evolving from a business student into a full-time celebrity hairstylist. We chat about mindset reframing techniques when working with individuals of high levels of recognition, coupled with the importance of owning one's talents and skillsets.

Meet a few of my guests!

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David Karasek, Olympic Swimmer & Performance Coach

 Karasek joins us to talk about his experience in discovering spirituality and quantum physics to arrive at peak productivity, all while tuning into one's inner self. We dive into his story in advancing his athleticism through self-awareness, mindfulness, and mindset reframing techniques.

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Elizabeth Overstreet, Relationship Expert

Featured in ABC, NBC, and CBS News, Elizabeth is a Relationship Coach and Love Strategists who guides couples around the world to develop healthier relationships with each other through cultivating healthy relationships with oneself. 

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Swami Chidananda, Monk

Swami Chidananda shares his journey in transitioning from investment banking into monkhood to spread the teachings of the Gita around the world. We discuss shedding the spiritual ego through love, creating purpose through being in the present moment, and the duality of darkness and light.

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Daria Tsvenger, Forbes-featured Mindset Expert

Tsvenger shares wisdom on creating your ideal reality, loving what you do rather than doing what you love, understanding that the future is another present moment, and the flow of spiritual energy across one's personal and professional life.

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Toni Jones, Affirmations Artist

Jones speaks on how her passion for the behavioral sciences and writing allowed her to make a career switch into becoming a full time affirmations artist. Her music is designed for those who are ready to take steps towards discovering their inner most selves, while empowering listeners to show up confidently and authentically

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