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I'm so excited to work with you!


    A journey inwards through neuroscience & eastern philosophy.
    • ONE time purchase for a LIFETIME of deep self-connection
    • Journaling & inner work prompts (inner child & shadow work)
    • Guided movement & exercises (dancing, stretching, etc.)
    • The eastern philosophy behind Law of Attraction
    • Neuroscience behind Law of Attraction & breathwork
    • Guided meditations. mantras, and affirmations
    • Identifying limiting beliefs and blockages
    • Emotional Freedom Technique & self-regulation methods
    • Resource library (podcasts, books, prompts, playlists, etc.)

I wish I had someone who told me it was possible.

Possible to show up in a world of opportunities in my utmost power and most truthful form of being.

This experience is for you to step into the POWER you hold in every moment.

To RECONNECT with the part of you that is deeply wanting to be expressed.

To OBSERVE the wisdom your body holds and RECEIVE the epiphanies stillness can bring. 

To LEARN the eastern  roots AND neuroscience of the  Law of Attraction (what even is this whole manifestation thing?!)


To APPLY the workings of manifestation in a contextualized manner so that you can step into your ideal self everyday.

To RECOGNIZE that purpose is this very moment, every 30 seconds, every breath.

To FEEL the presence within you so that you can LIVE in your truth. 

This experience is the person I wish I had.

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