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Have you been tip-toeing around meditation?

 Been curious about meditation but don't know where to begin? Find yourself having trouble staying focused?

I was there too for quite a while. For some years, I had given up on meditation entirely, frustrated with myself for not being able to sit through a practice. I soon learned that mindfulness is so unique to the individual. 


Last year, I finally found what worked for me, and befriended the art of mindfully going inwards. 

This is why I offer a personalized  audio-based meditation tailored to YOUR needs and desires! Whether it be manifesting abundance in your career or creating time in the day to ground yourself, this customized practice will readily take you along the steps of your mindfulness journey.

With options for affirmations, gratitude practices, visualization techniques,  sensory awareness, and more, this customized audio will guide you in feeling MORE equipped for tapping into moments of mindfulness at YOUR own pace. You will notice yourself applying these techniques even OUTSIDE of your practice!

Become INTENTIONAL with your stillness and embark on your mindfulness journey today!

Meenakshi Kumar,  MD 

Nistha Dube has a gift. Her guided meditations help calm the nervous system while empowering others to become more aware of their moment-to-moment experience.  From my perspective as a cardiologist, Nistha’s guidance is so helpful in terms of creating more space for intentional living and healthy choices.

Johnathan Fisher,  MD FACC
Being guided by Nistha in a mindful meditation practice on Clubhouse was such a beautiful way to start my morning. Nistha’s voice was soothing and calming, she led us through a breathing practice and a visualization which was so easy to connect with. Experiencing a guided meditation with Nistha was peaceful, grounding and inviting! Sign me up again!
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