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A Look Into Some Transformations...

Nistha is very innovative in her approach. In my case, I loved that she was willing to adjust to my way of achieving goals and having an aspirational mindset. Instead of telling you about the generic approach, she lets you explore your own approach and encourages you to continue broadening your horizons. She has a sense of relatability that other coaches lack. Even though she is young in this field, her demeanor and her methods are very effective. You start to notice the shift in your mindset right away by doing the activities that she gives you. In fact, these activities are collaborative. She will give you input in your approach and push you to make that approach much more efficient. Lastly, she is very approachable. Because of her age and ability to relate with clients, she is very open in terms of the topics of discussion as well as the timing. She doesn’t put a cap on your journey of aspiring to be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend her.
Kunj Patel
Nistha has really helped with how I decipher my feelings, thoughts and archetypes. She provided guidance from her own experience so I could come to my own conclusions and get further in my own journey. Nistha really puts her time and effort into her clients and her confidence is inspiring to many people (definitely me) who have struggled with Self-image for probably most of their lives. The sessions are a safe space without judgement and that is ensured constantly.
I’d really recommend the coaching to anyone who is or isn’t struggling on this path. Nistha is amazing with the work she’s doing and really helps you not to feel alone and isolated.
Take the leap! Get the guidance!
Nori Otis
Nistha has managed to help me a lot during the challenges of 2020. Honestly, I have not been a believer in manifestation, simply because I did not understand it. What I found appealing in Nistha, was her ability to speak "my language" and tools on how I can better myself in ways that fit my way of living. And the enormous care that she exhilarates, has made me recommend her to my network. Thank you, Nistha!
Tereze Konopecka
Where do I start with Nistha? She has been an excellent listener, attentive to my life goals. Non-judgmental, open, all while directing me towards ways to reach my goals for self-improvement.  Talking about ways I want to improve is all I did before I met her as a life coach. She helped me put my “words” into action by being reflective and coming up with real, attainable strategies, and allowing me the latitude to achieve them. Nistha has been there to check on me and my progress (through texts) even when we were not in session, always supportive and excited for me. She does this because she’s vested in you and your journey towards spiritual self-enlightenment. We all make decisions in our lives and for me, I chose to seek a life coach to help me to focus on myself because of the demands placed on me by my career and other responsibilities that took the focus off my personal development and growth. I fully recommend Nistha as a life coach who can help you realize your potential and meet your life goals.
Adrian Trejo
Working with Nistha was amazingly refreshing. She is an active listener and made me feel right at home, comfortable enough to open up about my deepest fears. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to get into the right mindset for success.
Preethi Nagaraj
I am so happy I found Nistha’s content over quarantine. Seeing a woman of color, my age, with a relatively similar background, being bold, taking big risks, and helping so many people find purpose is something very rare. I don’t think I realized how much I needed someone who understands and can so eloquently formulate certain spirituality and mindset shifting ideologies into words. It’s not a taboo, and it shouldn’t be! I hope her work inspires the masses to really look into themselves and become better, I know it did for me.
Nimriti Parekh
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