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"in aiming for perfection, I landed in the grace of uncertainty. 

I  am invincible here."

-beyond the skin

In beyond the skin, I share my journey of leaving behind an older version of myself  to prioritize my spiritual journey.

The three sections of my book encompass the range of happenings we often undergo during this process, such as intuitive nudges, attachment to old chapters, loss of things we once knew to be home, liberation in rewriting our stories, and everything in between.

These passages elucidate the strange yet fulfilling aspects of spirituality, and aim to offer understanding to those who are on a path of their own self-discovery. Ultimately, awakening is ongoing and subjective.

Everyone's story looks different, each allowing us to explore beyond the skin and find deeper beauty within and around us.  Join me  in this read of healing, reinvention,  and growth. 

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